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Anonymous asked: Ok ok this is random and kind of bothers me but isn't a really huge deal but sometimes I can't figure out your tags. Like sometimes you will use "beau" for something pretty but you will also use "belle" is there a specific reason you use one over the other? Also, like a really longish time ago, you tagged a building that was hella on fire as "belle" and I didn't know if it was ironic or what. I hope this makes sense haha. Love the blog regardless.

aaaw, its cute that you noticed my tags :)

well i tag pretty photos and/or aesthetics as beau which is the masculine adjective for beautiful in french. belle is the feminine adjective. i used to tag them as belle before because the words, “photo” and “picture” in French are feminine.. l’image, la photo, la photographie.

i now tag them as beau because i like the word and the sound of it. and after finding out that the principle of beauty, or the word, aesthetic can be classified as masculine hence, i started tagging beautiful photos as beau.

or if you dont know french, perhaps, it can be perceived as a shortcut for beautiful too. so yeah :) x

do you think that katy perry’s This is How We Do video will make it to the aesthetic side of tumblr


i’m just glad that this is how we do was better than that mess that was the birthday video

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